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Treatment in Germany - Clinics - Medical Center University of Freiburg

Treatment in Germany - Medical Center University of Freiburg

The Medical Center - University of Freiburg is one of the oldest and most reputable medical institutions in Germany and Europe. Located not far from the border with Switzerland and France among picturesque  landscape of the South Germany, the Medical Center offers treatment in all modern medical fields and also develops education and advanced training programs for healthcare professionals as well as actively conducts scientific research.

The Medical Center consists of 14 specialized clinics, numerous  institutions and centers. 65 000  in-patients and 580 000  out-patients are treated here annually. More than 10 000 employees work at the Medical Center. 1 200 doctors and 2 900 nurses deliver medical care to patients. As a result, each patient is guaranteed  high-class medical care and individual approach. 

Key attention is paid to interdisciplinary cooperation in order to ensure the diagnosis and optimal treatment choice. The experience collected by Center's specialists over its history of existence plays an important role in diagnostics and treatment.  Among the numerous outstanding doctors who worked at the Medical Center four became the winners of the Nobel Prize. This fact endorses the highest level of professionalism at the Medical Center – University of Freiburg.  

The Medical Center-University of Freiburg consists of the following specialized clinics and departments:

  • Anesthesiology and Critical Care
  • Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Endocrinology, and Infectious Diseases
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Dermatology
  • University Heart Center Freiburg - Bad Krozingen (the largest in Germany)
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Neurocenter
  • Nephrology
  • General and Visceral Surgery
  • Hematology, Oncology, and Stem-Cell Transplantation
  • Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery
  • Eye Center
  • Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery
  • Mental Disorders
  • Pneumology
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology
  • Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology
  • Dental Medicine
  • Thoracic Surgery
  • Urology
  • Centre for Chronic Immunodeficiency
  • Center for Complementary Medicine Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
  • International Medical Services (IMS)


Gastroenterology and Hepatology

The Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department uses the most advanced methods and tools of diagnostic and treatment options for gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases, diabetes, endocrinological disorders and contagious diseases. In-patient department has a capacity for 100 patients. Moreover, it is capable to take care of 150 out-patients daily.

An extensive experience has been accumulated in the treatment of liver and gall bladder diseases, specifically in hepatitis B and C and liver cirrhosis. In close cooperation with the Department of General and Visceral Surgery the department focuses on treatment of pancreatic and colon tumors. Diagnostics and treatment of liver diseases are carried out in cooperation with the Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg (CCCF), the Center for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology and various laboratories. On the department’s basis, an international center is carrying out research work on hepatitis B and C, liver cirrhosis and carcinoma.



The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is specialized in oncological diseases and ranked among the top three centers in the field of breast cancer treatment in Germany by conducting around 4 000 surgeries annually.  According to the prestigious FOCUS magazine, the clinic’s specialists are ranked among the top German doctors. For diagnostics and treatment, the most advanced methods and technologies are used. For example, the CARL therapy is a unique filtration technology of blood purification from chemotherapeutic agent’s residuals.

The divisions of Perinatal care and Obstetrics , Endocrinology, Diabetology  and Infertility treatment also make part of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The department also carries out active scientific research work.


University Heart Centre Freiburg - Bad Krozingen

The University Heart Centre Freiburg - Bad Krozingen is the largest center in Germany which offers diagnostics and treatment of any heart and vascular diseases, starting from carotid artery stenosis and lower extremity veins diseases which hinder movements, to coronary artery bypass graft, heart valve replacement or reconstruction, pediatric cardio surgery and heart transplantation. 1 500 employees work at the Heart Center and around 22 000 patients are treated here annually. The Center conducts around 22 000 catheter proceduresand more than 4 500 heart surgeries per year. Each year around 20 cardiaс transplantations are being made within its walls.

Besides patient treatment, the Heart Center provides education for students and specialists. It is also an important base of scientific research where the results can immediately be put into practice. The interdisciplinary team of specialists takes care of patient’s day and night to accelerate the recovery process and to make their stay in the center as comfortable as possible.



The Neurocenter of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg is one of the most modern and advanced in Europe. A cohesive and experienced team of specialists in neurology, neurosurgery, epileptology, neuroradiology, neuropathology, pain therapy and neuropharmacology specialists works here. The Center performs both conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the cerebrospinal axis as well as diagnostics and therapy of all kinds of neurological diseases.

The Neurocenter comprises:

  • Neurology and Neurophysiology Department
  • Department of General Neurosurgery
  • Stereotactic Neurosurgery Unit
  • Neuroradiology Department
  • Institute for Neuropathology
  • Epilepsy Center
  • Pain Treatment Center
  • Stroke Unit

The Center continuously carries out active scientific research work.


Oncology and Hematology

Being one of the leading and largest departments for treatment of oncological diseases in Germany, the Department of Oncology and Hematology at the Medical Center-University of Freiburg finds its primary objective in precise and advanced diagnostics and effective treatment of patients with all kinds of malignomas in accordance with the highest world standards and the most up-to-date medical technologies. The Department is a part of the Cancer Center of the Medical Center-University of Freiburg that in turn is incorporated in “Association of German Cancer Research Centers”.

Over 90 doctors and scientists work at the department with more than 10 000 patients undergoing treatment yearly. The Oncology Center specialists perform more than 200 bone marrow transplantations of and more than 25 000 chemotherapies.

Scientific research is carried out in the Department on an ongoing basis. For example, feasibility studies of the active immunotherapy for patients with malignant lymphoma (cancer of lymph nodes) are being investigated. Numerous clinical trials in the field of myelodysplastic syndrome, leukemia, lymphoma and all types of cancer treatments are also being carried out here.



The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at the Medical Center-University of Freiburg was founded in 1970 and at the moment is one of the oldest in Germany.

It consists of:

  • Orthopedics and Traumatology Unit
  • Pediatric Orthopedics Unit
  • Sports Orthopedics and Sports Injury Surgery Unit

The Department has 120 beds at the and approximately 25 000 patients can be treated on an out-patient basis yearly.  Around 5 000 operations are performed annually by the Department’s specialists using the most contemporary methods and techniques.

Microinvasive (Minimally invasive/ Laparoscopic) surgery is being actively engaged decreasing the stress for the patient’s body, accelerating rehabilitation and reducing the degree of post-operational risks. The Department is taking part in scientific work, creating new implants and surgery methods.


Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery

In the daily practice of the Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery Department supervised by Prof., M.D. G. Björn Stark aesthetics and beauty, traditions of German medicine and high-tech solutions are deeply intertwined. The department performs 3000 operations annually and the amount of out-patients approaches to 10 000 people per year. The main specializations of the Department are pediatric and adult reconstructive surgery and complex microsurgeries after various tumors, traumas and burn injuries. Hand surgery is another significant activity of the Department.

The Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery carries out scientific researches on a regular basis. The results have repeatedly been granted by prestigious prizes and awards.



The key specializations of the Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology at the Medical Center-University of Freiburg are diagnostics and treatment of rheumatic diseases as well as of primary and secondary immunodeficiency. The main goal of the Department’s specialists is to maintain the balance of patient’s immune system, i.e. body’s tolerance to its own “healthy” and intolerance to the „alien" and pathogenic cells. The Department has rich experience in diagnostics and treatment of abarthrosis, muscles and tendons inflammatory disorders, collagen diseases, vasculitis and other autoimmune pathologies.

Scientific work of the Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology is focused on the research in congenital and secondary immunodeficiency.



Having been operating for over 50 years, the Department of Urology of the Medical Center-University of Freiburg is well-known both within and beyond the German borders. The Department has gained its prestige with high-qualified specialists, wide range of medical services and ongoing scientific research that allows direct putting into practice the most up-to-date medical techniques.

The Interdisciplinary Prostate Center of Freiburg and its departments (pediatric urology, andrology and urinary stone disease treatment department) are widely recognized.The Department offers complete urological examinations (CHECK-UPs) where major attention is paid to prostate health, potency problems and man’s lifestyle. In 2010 the Prostrate Center of the Medical Center - University of Freiburg became the first institution  certified by the German Association of Prostate Treatment Centers (Dachverband der Prostatazentren Deutschlands (DVPZ)).